Monday, July 21, 2014

#pitchFURY Requests

Thank you to everyone who entered #pitchFURY.
There were so many amazing pitches and after a week of reading and rereading, I have picked my top 10 pitches (+ an extra 4) and have replied to their comments with a request in the comment section. See original post HERE
I would love to read the query and first 3 chapters of the following (in no particular order):
1) Getting a new heart might not fix sixteen-year-old Adam’s broken one. #YA #thriller
2) Alanna is deaf; Jared is a geek, and both need each other to survive high school. YA Contemp. Beauty and the Beast retelling.
3) Obsessed with criminal minds, Schuyler Williams has to put her knowledge to the test to save her sister from a serial killer. 66k YA Contemporary Thriller
4) Beauty and the Beast meets Sarah Connor when Ella confronts the dangerous species who kidnapped her father. #Adult #PNR
5) #RomCom A breakup a dare and a hilarious 1 night stand prompt Caroline and Ryan to become FWB-is she more interested in his roommate who is willing to offer more
6) 35-year-old executive’s career is compromised when she has an affair with her subordinate. ContemporaryRomance
7) When an arrogant heir falls in love with the girl he must kill, it will take more than power to secure his reign...and his heart. YA/F
8) What happens when Beauty becomes the Beast? Forced to confront enemies both real & internal, even love might not be enough to save her.
9) The only man to keep his head, Thomas Wyatt was Anne Boleyn’s only real lover. #Historical #NA
10) An ice age shrouds the world, triggered by abrupt climate change. In this harsh environment, a young hunter must choose between honor and survival. #YA post-apoc

I would also love to read the query and first 10 pages of the following:

(1) In two worlds with two husbands and too many secrets, there can be only one soulmate. Magical realism.
(2) Lexy must choose between obeying her family or following Kaden, a werewolf, for a chance to save Jason, the boy—I mean zombie of her dreams. #YA
(3) Scotland's all castles and lochs and perfect boyfriends, right? The dark of the dungeon soon proves otherwise. #ContempRom
(4) Knife-wielding Catskin appears in shy albino Ansel's life & changes his world. But they'll both have to face the past she fled. #YAcontemp

Thank you to everyone!



  1. Even though mine wasn't chosen, I'm glad to have had the opportunity to pitch. Congratulations to the above writers!

  2. Congrats everyone and good luck!!

    Thank you, Louise, for the chance to pitch to you!

  3. Thank you! Good luck everyone! :)

  4. Thank you, Louise, and good luck everyone!!! :)