Monday, January 22, 2018

Subsidiary Rights Deals Announcements

Congratulations to the following TBA clients on their subsidiary rights deals!

Gary John Bishop's UNF*CK YOURSELF sold in Latin America to Planeta Mexico, in Vietnam to Van Lang, and in Russia to Eksmo.

Kristen Ciccarelli's ISKARI sold in Russia to AST Publishers, in a three-book deal.

Alwyn Hamilton's HERO AT THE FALL sold in Poland to Wydawnictwo Poznanskie.

A.G Howard's THE HUMMINGBIRD HEART sold in Spain to Oz Editorial.

Geneva Lee's THE SINS THAT BIND US sold in France to Editions Hugo, TEACHING ROMAN and REACHING GAVIN sold in Germany to Blanvalet, and the ROYALS Saga sold in Slovenia to Ucila, in a three-book deal.

Casey Lyall's HOWARD WALLACE, P.I. sold in Hungary to Pozsonyi Pagony.

Katherine Locke's THE GIRL WITH THE RED BALLOON sold in Brazil to DarkSide Books.

Jean Pendziwol's THE LIGHTKEEPER'S DAUGHTERS sold in Romania to RAO.

R.M. Romero's THE DOLLMAKER OF KRAKOW sold in the Czech Republic to Argo, and in Poland to Wydawnictwo Galeria.

Nancy Scanlon's MISTS OF FATE sold in Germany to Amazon Crossing, in a two-book deal.

Jo Spain's THE CONFESSION sold in Croatia to Znanje.

Lori Nelson Spielman's QUOTE ME sold in Brazil to Verus Editora.

Jessica Townsend's NEVERMOOR sold in Estonia to Eesti Raamat, in a three-book deal.

Francesca Zappia's ELIZA AND HER MONSTERS sold in Portugal to 20/20 Editora and MADE YOU UP sold in Georgia to Palitra.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Molly has reopened to submissions

I took a break from submissions toward the end 2017 because I had a lot of client manuscripts that needed my attention, and because I had a fearsome backlog of requested manuscripts that I needed to read. I'm nearly caught up on both now, and so I'm once again open to queries—which I'm happy about, because I've really missed the thrill of spotting something brilliant in my inbox.

My stock line about what I'm looking for goes: 'I like wit, but not snark; I prefer books that lean more toward literary than commercial, but of course, my perfect book neatly bridges the two.' That's still true. I'm also looking for books that surprise me—stories and voices I haven't heard before. Books that have something smart and important to say about the world around us. Books that ask us to examine who we are and what we think. And most importantly, books that feel unexpected, unique, necessary.

For more on what I'm looking for, and our submission guidelines, see my page on the TBA website.

Here's to a new year full of great queries! I'm looking forward to reading yours.