Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Susan Hawk is YA and Middle Grade exclusively

Folks, I screwed up. It's not entirely clear on the website, but Susan Hawk is only accepting queries in the categories of Young Adult and Middle Grade. The other categories she lists are meant to be subsets of YA and MG. I'm fixing the website tonight. I'm so sorry!


  1. So, I'm imagining that you got a load of non-YA/MG queries. D'oh!
    Curious minds want to know, what was the percentage increase in queries?
    I saw you were mentioned in Publishers Lunch... so I imagine many of the query hawks saw that too.

  2. Not sure about the % but I think we got about 75 queries on the day of the announcement.

  3. I'm in the process of looking for an agent for my middle-grade books. I'll be sending a query in soon! (I live in Tombstone, "The Town Too Tough to Die." If you ever come visit, I'd love to show you our great town!)

  4. Oh yeah, and congrats on expanding your agency! That's pretty exciting.