Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Oh boy, so many of my clients are having the most awesome contests around.

First, Julia London and Susan Mallery (not my client but oh so fabulous) are giving away an ipad! FABULOUS. Go to for all the details.

Next, join in the celebration of 200 years of Sense and Sensibility. Enter by March 15 for a chance to win an advance copy of Beth Pattillo's The Dashwood Sisters Tell All, a modern twist on the classic novel.
Visit here for more information:

Finally, to thank her readers and celebrate the upcoming release of her debut YA novel, THROUGH HER EYES, my client Jennifer Archer is giving away Kindles, iPods, leather journals and autographed books. Her THROUGH HER EYES Gargantuan Giveaway started March 1 and runs through April 4. Details for entering the drawing can be found on her website at


  1. So many awesome contests!

    I didn't know Jennifer Archer was repped by The Bent Agency! I just finished THROUGH HER EYES a couple of weeks ago. Loved it.

  2. How fun! What creative women. I wish them all the best.

  3. Thank you, Jenny, for the beautiful post on your blog. Thank you for recognizing the tremendous effort that goes into writing and self publishing. Thank you for your kind words and most of all thank you for admitting that the reader has the last word, always. Thank you for looking back and analyzing the mistakes of the past when many excellent writers were turned down under pre-conceived notions as to what is "sellable." A prime example is Paul Harding, pulitzer prize winner of "Tinkers" who was turned down by every major publishing house, finally finding a home with an obscure little house such as, "Bellevue Literary Press." I always found traditional publishing to be a closed fortress, but a new world opened up to us when e-books came into the picture, and guess what? The literary houses may come calling some day anyway.