Wednesday, August 21, 2013

TBA is looking for a new intern!

We are once again looking for a remote (unpaid) intern, someone who has eclectic reading tastes and is well-versed in the following genres: romance, mystery, suspense, historical fiction and thrillers. We are looking for someone who likes to read YA, New Adult as well as adult- a true generalist! Applicants must be familiar with current digitally released titles.

You do not need to have any kind of publishing experience or even publishing aspirations. We are just looking for people who love books and love to read.  You do not need to live in New York, this is a remote internship.  Please note that it is unpaid.

If you'd like to apply, please send an e-mail to and put "remote intern" in the subject line. Tell us why you want the internship, attach a resume if you have one although it's not essential, and list the last ten books you read and your ten favorite books.

If you have applied in the past you are more than welcome to apply again.

We ask for at least a 10 hour a week time commitment.


  1. Are you certain this is legal? Even if it is, I question the ethics of any agency that's 1) deriving benefit from the activities of an intern and 2) not paying them. The last person I'd want representing me is an unethical literary agent.

    1. Hi Mike, you're someone I respect and follow on twitter and of course I welcome your opinion. TBA also offers a paid internship for more substantive on-site office work.

  2. I think it is a valuable opportunity for students or other young people wanting to access the industry and the remote aspect means it's open to people from all areas, not just those who can support themselves in London. Most internships are exclusive because they exclude all those who can't afford to support themselves in the capital.

  3. When do you plan on making a final decision? I have a friend this would be perfect for!