Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Deal Announcement: The United States of Gardening by Marta McDowell

I'm so happy to announce a new deal for Marta McDowell, the author of Beatrix Potter's Gardening Life and Emily Dickinson's Gardens. Her new book will be again with Timber Press, and it's a look at the history of the White House gardens, called THE UNITED STATES OF GARDENING. Marta is an amazing garden designer, educator, and writer, she also happens to be my aunt! We've blogged about her writing career in a post titled "Even Nepotism Isn't Enough," check it out, because it's a fun read and a nice illumination into how hard Marta had to work even though she had an inside track to getting an agent.

Here's the announcement from PM:

October 18, 2013 - THE UNITED STATES OF GARDENING by Marta McDowell
Non-fiction: History/Politics/Current Affairs
Author of Beatrix Potter's Gardening Life Marta McDowell's THE UNITED STATES OF GARDENING, a history of horticulture in America as seen through the lens of the White House gardens, 1790 to the present, again to Tom Fischer at Timber Press, by Jenny Bent at The Bent Agency (world).

You can check out Marta's website here, and please join me in congratulating her on twitter: @martamcdowell. 

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