Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Deal Announcement: PRIYA IN HEELS by Ayesha Patel

I’m so delighted to announce Ayesha Patel’s new book deal with Entangled for their Embrace line. Drawn from the author’s real life experiences, Priya in Heels is a NA multicultural contemporary romance that is scheduled to be released in September 2014.

I know you’re going to fall in love with Priya and Tyler’s story just like I did. Here’s the PM announcement:

Digital:  Ayesha Patel's PRIYA IN HEELS, a multicultural contemporary romance about a perfect daughter who falls in love with an imperfect man (according to her parents)and the impact that has on her parental relations, her friends, and her career as doctor, to Erin Molta at Embrace at Entangled, for publication in 2014, by Victoria Lowes at The Bent Agency.

You can check out the author's blog here and join me in congratulating the lovely & talented Ayesha Patel on twitter: @AyeshaPatel17

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