Friday, January 17, 2014

Jenny's Wish List: Please Send Books!

Hi guys,

I recently reopened to queries after a short hiatus so it seemed like a good time to also tell you what I am most looking for.

In general, if you have written a book that is VERY funny, or VERY scary, or VERY sad, or VERY anything, really, send it to me!  I love extremes and I love stuff that really makes me feel something, that is emotionally powerful in some way.

More specifically, here is what I'm looking for:

1. Female driven or female authored suspense or crime.  Lori Roy's UNTIL SHE CAME HOME was just nominated for the Edgar for best novel (she also won the Edgar for Best First Book for BENT ROAD) and I'd love to find more authors like Lori, who write edge of your seat literary suspense.  I also would love more commercial writers of suspense like my authors Kate Brady and Rita Herron.  And of course, I have two YA suspense novels coming out in the next year, S.E. Green's KILLER INSTINCT and Lynn Weingarten's SUICIDE NOTES FROM BEAUTIFUL GIRLS.   I love really, really dark books in general, so if you've written one, please do send it along!

2. High concept women's fiction.   This is like Lori Nelson Spielman's THE LIFE LIST or Victoria Van Tiem's LOVE LIKE THE MOVIES or Yangsze Choo's THE GHOST BRIDE.    Women's fiction with a hook, that I can pitch in a sentence or two.   Obviously it also needs to be an emotional, satisfying read.

3. I love a good ghost story.  Sonja Condit's STARTER HOUSE just came out and I'm so excited about this one, along the lines of Joe Hill's HEART SHAPED BOX.

4. Historical fiction, particularly with a tie-in to a real life person.   I'm very excited about the upcoming release of Jan Moran's A PROMISE OF ROSES next year.

5. Great, funny, voice-driven contemporary YA with a more serious theme, like anything by John Green or Rainbow Rowell.

6. Classic YA or MG fantasy with a good hook and epic feel, like SHADOW AND BONE by Leigh Bardugo.

Since I've been around for a while, my list is admittedly pretty full, but I'm still ALWAYS on the lookout for that special author to add to my list, whether debut or multi-published.   Please do try me with any book that you really feel passionate about--even if it's not a fit, I'm always grateful to hear from you!



  1. Well Jenny while reading your wish list I was delighted to see Lori Roy's second book mentioned. I remember her posting here way back when you requested a full of BENT ROAD. I loved the little inside look so much I posted about it on my blog. If you have the time, read and enjoy.
    Roy is a great writer. I wish her every success.

  2. Well, I do have a novel that is VERY something, I'm just not sure what. OFFBEAT, I guess. The premise: Lonely widower rescues water nymph from drowning and tries to keep an evil history professor from recapturing her. I've sent it to Donald Maass for a first look, but would be happy to send it your way next, if you're interested. I've sent you a couple of other things over the past couple of years and have always been delighted to receive personalized replies. For a writer who is used to form rejections or no responses, it's little things like this that keep me going. Anyway, good luck with your list!