Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Deal Announcement: POCKET WIFE by Susan Crawford

I'm so thrilled to announce a two-book deal for debut author Susan Crawford, an author I met at the Atlanta Writers Conference.  I find I sign more authors from my queries in-box than I do from conferences, so it's exciting for me when I find someone as awesomely talented as Susan is at a conference.   Susan and I worked very hard on editing this novel, a thriller about a bipolar woman who isn't sure whether or not she murdered her next door neighbor, and it was extremely gratifying that so many publishers showed so much enthusiasm for her book.

This is the announcement which ran here in Publishers Weekly:

Carrie Feron at William Morrow took North American rights, for mid–six figures, to Susan Crawford’s debut novel, The Pocket Wife. Agent Jenny Bent, who has an eponymous shingle, represented Crawford, overseeing a seven-round, seven-bidder auction for the work. Bent said the novel is a “stylish thriller in the tradition of The Silent Wife and Turn of Mind.” In the novel, Crawford follows a woman, Dana Catrell, whose neighbor is violently murdered. The last person to see the victim, Catrell is experiencing mania brought on by bipolar disorder; unable to remember the fateful day, Catrell must race to clear her name, and stay sane, as she becomes the chief suspect. Crawford teaches creative writing in Atlanta and has won, four times, the Atlanta Writers Club Award.

So many big congratulations to Susan!  

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