Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Deal Announcement: Jo Zebedee's ABENDAU Trilogy

Big news for TBA client Jo Zebedee: her science fiction trilogy has sold to Tickety Boo Press, where editor Gary Compton will lavish it with the care it deserves! Jo is a terrific sf writer and I'm so pleased her work will soon have an audience. ABENDAU has the feel of classic sf, one of my favorite genres, and her ability to create a convincing world is second to none. Hurrah!

International rights: UK Fiction Jo Zebedee's ABENDAU Trilogy, beginning with ABENDAU'S CHILD, in which a young man is conceived to inherit his mother's empire, but when he chooses to oppose her, he unleashes horrific consequences on those he loves, to Gary Compton at Tickety Boo Press, for publication in Fall 2014, by Molly Ker Hawn at The Bent Agency (World English).

Congratulate Jo on Twitter at @joz1812!

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