Monday, June 9, 2014

DEAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The Center of the World by Jacqueline Sheehan

I am so thrilled to announce a new deal for New York Times bestselling author Jacqueline Sheehan.   Jacqueline is one of my oldest and dearest clients--we've worked together since 2001, when I started representing her for a novel we sold to the Free Press then called TRUTH, about the life of Sojourner Truth (it's since been retitled THE COMET'S TALE).  

Three more novels followed (including the massive bestseller LOST AND FOUND) and now I am so pleased to have sold her fifth novel, THE CENTER OF THE WORLD, to Michaela Hamilton at Kensington Books, in a two book deal.   

The announcement follows.  You can find Jacqueline on Facebook here if you'd like to send congratulations or find out more about her wonderful books.  

June 2, 2014 - CENTER OF THE WORLD by Jacqueline Sheehan
Fiction: General/Other
NYT bestselling author Jacqueline Sheehan's CENTER OF THE WORLD, in which a letter from a dead man reveals a long-buried secret about a woman's adopted daughter in a book with two parallel narratives -- one in the past showing the girl's dramatic rescue and one in the present day as the mother faces losing her daughter once more as they struggle to mend the damage done by her lie, to Michaela Hamilton at Kensington, in a very nice deal, at auction, in a two-book deal, by Jenny Bent at The Bent Agency (World English).

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