Saturday, February 28, 2015

TBA Monthly Wishlist - February 2015

Alongside new themes on the blog, we will be running some new monthly features. One of these will be a wishlist post from all TBA agents on the last day of the month for ONE project they would really like to see in their submission inbox. If you have something that fits with the below, please check out our submission guidelineson the website and send it over. We can't wait to read!

Beth Phelan: YA contemporary inspired by the Upright Citizens Brigade or set around an improv class/community/troupe that explores the intersection of comedy and depression/mental illness that so many people struggle with every day.

Jenny Bent: A twisty turny suspense novel (for adults) with a female protagonist like GIRL ON THE TRAIN.

Susan Hawk:  Voicey, literary YA that makes me think, and makes me cry, like SPECTACULAR NOW or GRASSHOPPER JUNGLE.

Victoria Lowes: A YA set in the contemporary middle-east. Maybe it’s a romance; perhaps there are some elements of magical realism, though that’s not necessary.

Molly Ker Hawn: Smart, literary MG or YA that plays with narrative structure in a clever, surprising way.

Brooks Sherman: I would love to see a zany, comedic, voice-driven middle-grade novel like THE TAPPER TWINS GO TO WAR (WITH EACH OTHER) or THE STRANGE CASE OF ORIGAMI YODA.

Heather Flaherty:  I really want some well done YA time-travel right now.

Louise Fury: Women’s fiction featuring a mother/ adult daughter relationship.

Gemma Cooper: I would love an epic MG fantasy adventure. Something that feels cinematic, with excellent world building, a big cast of interesting characters and scope for a series.

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