Friday, February 5, 2016

TBA Agent Brooks Sherman Is Closing To Queries

Hi guys, Brooks here! On Monday, February 8, I am closing to queries and unsolicited submissions for a couple months while I catch up. A lot of awesome things have happened for me and my clients these past few months, but one of the unfortunate side effects of all this awesomeness is I am now quite backlogged on responding to queries.

My #1 priority as a literary agent is my clients, but my #2 priority is answering writers who have sent me their work. I have a lot of sympathy for querying writers, having been a writer myself before I got into publishing. I don’t want to forget my roots and become one of “those” agents writers despair of ever reaching — and I don’t want to accidentally bog down a project that might be a better fit for one of my Bent Agency colleagues, either!

If you have queried me in the past but not received a response from me by March 1, please let me know; it is possible I did not receive your original email! From that point on, though, I plan to have a new system of reading and responding to queries, so I will be much speedier in responding to future queries and submissions.

I’ll announce here when I am open again for queries, and I’ll make occasional exceptions to for writers I meet at conferences, #MSWL tweets, or pitch contests in which I’m participating. In the meantime, thanks to everyone for your patience while I get caught up!

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  1. Hello Brooks,
    I sent a query to you on January 22. Should I resubmit the query by email and if so, is there a subject line that you prefer? I heard you speak at the SCBWI Fall Midwest Conference and would love to work with you.

    Thanks so much,

    Amy M. Miller