Friday, June 30, 2017

TBA Monthly Wishlist - July 2017

It's time again for the Monthly Wishlist! Here's the project that each TBA agent would love to see in their submission inbox. If you have something that fits with the below, please check out our submission guidelines and send it over. We can't wait to read!

Middle grade fantasy with a strong voice and smart humour like THE VOYAGE TO MAGICAL NORTH by Claire Fayers, and well written swoony Young Adult romance with a twist like THE SQUARE ROOT OF SUMMER - Gemma Cooper

Some upmarket women’s fiction with a dark, speculative twist, written by and featuring a woman of color - Beth Phelan

A really dark, twisty suspense novel, particularly one with a female narrator - Victoria Cappello 

A new thriller, suspense or crime novel. Two books I have recently fallen in love with are THE FINAL GIRLS and SOMETIMES I LIE. I’d also like to find an issue-led drama with an incredible voice and characters that really draw us in - Sarah Manning

Dark, chill-inducing suspense. I want to be sincerely scared, freaked out and creeped out, in adult or YA - Heather Flaherty

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