Monday, October 2, 2017

TBA Monthly Wishlist - October 2017

It's time again for the Monthly Wishlist! Here's the project that each TBA agent would love to see in their submission inbox. If you have something that fits with the below, please check out our submission guidelines and send it over. We can't wait to read!

Middle grade fantasy with a strong voice and smart humour like THE VOYAGE TO MAGICAL NORTH by Claire Fayers, and chapter books with a big hook written by marginalized authors – Gemma Cooper

’Tis the season, I’m in in the mood for dark dark fantasy or horror - fiction or graphic novel! – Heather Flaherty

Would love to find a really authentic quirky voice such as in The Rosie Project, as well as looking for a high concept crime novel – Sarah Manning

Nonfiction sports books, whether narratives like Friday Night Lights, histories of great teams or moments or biographies of legendary athletes, coaches or teams. Interested in books on major sports like baseball, football and basketball but also other sports if there is a compelling story – Louise Fury**

**Louise is currently closed to queries, but if you have something that matches her wishlist, please send and add #TBAwishlist to your subject header

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