Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Deal Announcement: Ormsbee's YA debut to S&S Children's!

So, I posted last week about K.E. (Kathryn) Ormsbee's middle grade, and this week it's all about her YA. Zareen Jaffery at S&S has just acquired Kathryn's YA debut called LUCKY FEW. It is darkly funny, with snappy dialogue and a really fantastic friendship at the root of it all. I can't wait for people to read this.
Young Adult 
Kathryn Ormsbee's category debut LUCKY FEW, about a home-schooled teen who agrees to help her neighbor, a boy struggling with death anxiety, confront his fears as he carries out a list of increasingly perilous fake deaths, to Zareen Jaffery at Simon & Schuster Children's, by Beth Phelan at The Bent Agency (World English).

You guys, I am completely in love with this book. No joke.
Please congratulate and follow Kathryn on Twitter at @Kathsby! She also blogs here.

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