Friday, March 20, 2015

Deal announcement--Three-book deal for debut Paul Gamble's comic MG series

Like every agent, I dream of getting that perfect submission in my query inbox. That one where the author comps their book to my favourite book, and I really am the perfect agent for their project. Paul Gamble was one of those authors. His query letter mentioned Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and he found my name by googling 'literary agent' and 'Robert Rankin' — one of my favourite authors of comic fantasy and someone I mention a lot in interviews. I started reading Paul's book immediately, and laughed until I cried. It really was the perfect book for me!
And so, as announced in Publishers Weekly, I'm thrilled to confirm a three-book deal for Paul's debut novel, THE MINISTRY OF S.U.I.T.S.

This series is probably best described as conspiracy theories for middle-grade readers, twisting everyday occurrences into something far more unusual. Our main characters, twelve-year-old Jack and Trudy, join the Ministry of Strange, Unusual and Impossible Things, and discover the explanations for a variety of mysteries such as the business model of the Tooth Fairy, what happened to the dinosaurs and why unicorns are evil! I am so excited for it to publish so you can all start looking at the world in the same curious way Paul does.

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