Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Deal Announcements: Early readers for Katrina Charman, Sam Watkins and Sam Hay!

I love working on early reader texts. Writing is hard at the best of times, but combining a fun and exciting plot with great characters in just 400-1000 words is seriously tough, and I’m so impressed with writers who have the skill to do this.

With this in mind, I’m thrilled to announce three new early readers that will be coming from Franklin Watts (a division of Hachette UK) from my clients Katrina Charman, Sam Hay and Sam Watkins!

Katrina has written a fantastic story for the HopscotchTwisty Tales series, which are inventive and amusing new twists on classic fairy tales. Katrina’s THE NINJABREAD MAN is such fun, and features a gingerbread man who isn’t afraid to use his awesome ninja skills on those people who try and eat him. “Ka-Pow! Hi-Yah! And Shazam! You can’t catch me, I’m the Ninjabread man!”

THE NINJABREAD MAN will be published in hardback on 9th July 2015. It is wonderfully illustrated by Fabiano Fiorin and I can exclusively reveal the cover here! Isn't it fantastic?

Pre-order here!

Sam Hay and Sam Watkins have written for the Race Ahead with Reading series. These are first chapter books that help children build up their reading stamina and feature original adventures in short numbered chapters.

Sam Hay’s fun and quirky story CACTUS JOE features two adventurous young boys living in the prairie town of Prickly Plains. Little Bo gets trapped inside a giant tumbleweed and is bounced off towards the annual buffalo stampede, and it’s up to Cactus Joe to rescue his friend, with a little help from some magic cactus juice!

Sam Watkins’ wonderfully inventive story NICK KNIGHT features a medieval-history-obsessed boy who finds himself substituted in to a very important football match. Will Nick be a laughing stock or can he defeat the enemy hordes?

Both books will be published in hardback on 12th November 2015. Pre-order CACTUS JOE here, and NICK KNIGHT here.

Go congratulate Katrina, Sam Hay and Sam Watkins on Twitter.

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