Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Recent #MSWL - by Beth

I love #MSWL. It’s such a great way to get specific, targeted submissions in my inbox that I can get really excited about. Not everyone participated in this week’s #MSWL, but I’ve decided to provide an updated summary of what the TBA agents are hoping to see in their slush. For a summary of the last #MSWL, and a bunch of other helpful tips on making the most of it, see here for Susan’s post. 

Jenny Bent  

#MSWL high concept women’s fiction, with a strong plot, great pace and lots of emotion. Like THE LIFE LIST by @lnelsonspielman

#MSWL bookclub fiction with an element of fantasy or magic like THE NIGHT CIRCUS or THE GHOST BRIDE by @yangszechoo

#MSWL contemporary YA with a strong plot and great hook, strong voice and lots of emotion

#MSWL suspense or crime with a strong female lead like anything by @LORIROYauthor, Tana French, Gillian Flynn, @LauraMLippman

#MSWL historical fiction (for adults) with a strong female lead and lots of plot

MG fantasy that reads like something Edward Eager would have written #MSWL

Earlier in the year, Jenny also shared her wishlist in this blog post

Victoria Lowes  

#MSWL YA historical fiction set in the early-mid 20th century with a hint of romance.

#MSWL Always looking for fun contemporary romances with a smart voice and a strong hook!

#MSWL Also looking for either YA or adult atmospheric mysteries that are filled with suspense

Victoria also shared a wishlist on the blog earlier in the year, which you can check out here.

Gemma Cooper

Gemma was a day early, but take note!

Reading submissions on the train - still really want a MG updated Homeward Bound or anything with quirky animal protagonists #wishlist

Brooks Sherman

I often have darker tastes with MG fiction: think THE WITCHES, THE CAVENDISH HOME FOR BOYS AND GIRLS, and the Bartimaeus Trilogy. #MSWL

That said, I also love straight-up comedy in MG books! Recent favorites have been BETTER NATE THAN EVER and (of course) ORIGAMI YODA! #MSWL

For YA fiction, I’m most interested in stories teens can relate to, rather than escape into. But speculative elements are fun, too! #MSWL

And for speculative YA projects, I’m most interested in fantasy (epic or historical) and horror (psychological or supernatural). #MSWL

Molly Ker Hawn

Molly didn’t get a chance to tweet updates to her #MSWL, although she’ll probably fight me for a cult book!  

But you can also find more details of what she’s looking for on the blog, over here.

Louise Fury

Sadly, Louise is closed to queries at the moment but she did run a really fun #pitchFURY event on the blog a while back. Check it out here and the results over here. And make sure you follow her on Twitter and keep up with the blog for more opportunities like that!

Susan Hawk

Susan is also presently closed to queries but mark your calendars because she’ll be reopening on September 22nd. Look here for her latest wishlist post and keep these in mind too:

A MG or YA novel in verse that's laugh out loud funny #MSWL

MG novels that include 'found' documents, like diaries, maps, journals, letters #MSWL

#MSWL YA or MG novels with historical element, and span generations, think Joy Luck Club for teens.

#MSWL YA or MG novels that are layered, rich with emotion, and include complex sibling and family relationships

#MSWL MG contemp novel that's fast-paced, with strong plot and big stakes, features 10/11 year old boy MC like the ones I know:

thoughtful, full of heart and affection for friends, loves sports and facts! #MSWL

Beth Phelan

Hungry for some dark, upmarket suspense. #MSWL

Can I also have more #YA with a laugh-out-loud kind of voice? #MSWL

Oh, and looking for beautiful, haunting, literary #YA that will make me cry. #MSWL

Still a sucker for creepy cults. Outstanding world-building, please! #MSWL

Also: islands, gated communities, small settings. #MSWL

Give me other cultures, diverse backgrounds. #MSWL

I’m also looking forward to the upcoming #PitMad (for details, see here) on September 9th, and will be hopping around the feed all day. You should also check out Victoria’s tips on how best to tackle these kinds of Twitter pitch parties; just go here!

Good luck everyone!  

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